Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I am just going to start at the beginning and start going through our activities of the past few weeks in chronological order...... I'll write now and add pics as I get time to upload them, so if you are reading this and there are no pictures, check back in a few days. We are blessed and delighted to have my parents here for the holidays this year. They flew into ATL on December 20, just a 1/2 hour late or so, despite weather-related weirdness spanning MOST of the country. We were all praying for that between freakish storms and holiday crowds and considered it a blessing that there were no real issues in their trip. They had a bit of a stressful connection in Denver, where my usually calm Dad nearly had a freak out from the sounds of things.....despite his telling my Mom to relax and just go where the wind blew them all day! And then NATURALLY their bags did not make it on the same flight they did. They were delivered the next day to our house, so all in all not too bad.
We were sort of tentatively planning to get Jaydan baptized while Granny and Grampa were here, pending Jeff's schedule with his new job. It all ended up working out for us to be able to proceed on the 21st. My parents and Jeff's were able to attend, which was important to us. Jaydan did not disappoint...... as the Pastor went to sprinkle the water on his head he screamed, "NO, NO, NO". And the church we recently joined has a tradition of carrying the child around the congregation while they sing a sweet little song to the baby. Of course, he screamed the whole time only stopping to check out a very cute little redhead in the crowd!!! This blog may NOT have pics b/c we were so stressed out by his "performance" that we simply didn't think to get any!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

New pictures are up!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I know, I know......

I've been terrible about blogging these past few weeks...... we've just been so darn busy!!!! We thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Rashell.... it went way too fast, as usual. The next weekend we loaded up and headed to Florida to spend and early "Thanksgiving" with Jeff's grandparents and extended family. That was lots of fun and Jaydan got to meet his new baby cousin, who he liked just fine...... unless his Mama was holding him! MawMaw and Grandaddy's house is always lots of fun and Jaydan has a truly special relationship with both of them and Jeff's Aunt Gayle. I got some fun pics but haven't had time to upload them, so you'll have to stay tuned for the visual aids.
For "real" Thanksgiving we went to Jeff's parents. They only live about 20 minutes or so from us, which is great and they have a beautiful home on a beautiful lake, which is even better. His sister's couldn't make this trip, so it was just us. It was much quieter than usual and we missed them a lot and can't wait to see them at Christmas! It was a very relaxing long weekend. Jaydan and I packed up and headed home Saturday after the football game (GO Gators!!!) and I was up late that night and busy all day on Sunday putting up the Christmas decorations. Its a lot of fun having a toddler for the holidays........ it kind of reminds you how magical it all is. He was a lot of "help", as you can imagine. I bought a box of shatterproof ornaments and he carried them from the box to the tree, where he proceeded to stuff about 17 balls into one little space in the tree. It kept him busy and he was quick to tell anyone who would listen that it's "HIS" tree and that he was making it "pitty". He's picking up new works like crazy right now.... some of the latest are: "move" (as in, get out of my way), bwok (block), fwuit (fruit), shoes, and on occasion he actually says the word "please" instead of the usual "heeth".


The time out thing seems to be working pretty well. There are even times now that Jaydan will do something that he knows earns a time out, look right at us, and just take himself to the time out rug without us having to even say anything. He stomps over and plops himself down and wails..... just like we told him to go!!! It seems to help a lot for him to just have a few moments of no stimulations to get himself back under control. Here is the issue we are having now (he TOTALLY gets this from his Dad). We make him hug us to say "sorry" before he can get out...... that's when we talk about why he got put there, etc. That child would rather sit in the corner for 30 minutes than apologize!!! Often, he ends up setting for two or three more "sessions" before he will finally give in and give you a hug. Lord help us!!!