Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Our Little man keeps us in stitches these days. Almost everyday he surprises (or horrifies us) with something new coming out of that little mouth. Here are some of our recent faves:

* He now knows that Daddy is "Jeff" and Mama is "Towee" and his name is either "Boogis, Jaydan or ME". The other day, I picked him up from the sitter's and he said "Where is Jeff?"

*He IS two. Some of his favorites are: "I go first", "my turn", "I do it myself", "I go again".

*He is convinced he is "Pu-pow" (purple).

*When he wants either his Daddy or I, he'll say "I need to hold Daddy" or me...... usually Daddy these days.

*Uh-Hi (ok, he's pretty much grown out of this already, but it was so cute I listed it anyway).

*"I fall down"

*Miss Kate had a talk w/ me when I picked him up the other day..... apparently he's calling all the little girls "Sweet hawt".

He also seems to be pretty smart (I know, I know all Moms think their kids are gifted), but on our way to Florida the other day, we say an airplane and he said "Air-pane goin to Granny and Grampa's"! See, I told you!

Ah, the Sea Air

Jeff, Jaydan and I took our first family trip in about 8 months this weekend to visit Jeff's Grandparents in Port St. Joe, FL. We got a phone call at about 4 on Friday that their A/C had gone out, and any of you who have ever been to Florida know that the Gulf Coast is NOT the place to be in July with no A/C. We decided to take our chances, despite all of that..... weekends off are hard to come by in world of Publix and we figured we had better go while we had the chance. We got a late start on Friday and had to take Zoe (our dog) b/c our usual pet sitters weren't available. We didn't end up getting into Port St. Joe until about 3:00 a.m. on Saturday..... needless to say THAT was a long night!
I was determined to get Jaydan (and myself) to the beach this trip.....the last several trips, we just haven't had the time. So early Saturday we loaded up and went to a favorite spot of ours, Stump Hole @ Cape San Blas. This beach was seriously damaged by hurricane Ivan and last time we were there it was U-G-L-Y.... the sand had washed out sufficiently that the stumps for which the beach was named were some 20 feet tall and all kinds of nasty stuff had washed up. I'm happy to report that it has been restored to even better condition than original. The waves were gentle, there was a nice breeze and it was pretty much heavenly! Jaydan loved the sand, wasn't so sure about the water (Jeff too for that matter), and Zoe and I pretty much loved it all! I could have easily sat on that beach all day, but a two year old's attention span can only handle so much so we headed home for lunch. Durning Jaydan's nap Jeff and I headed over to the bay and went crabbing and pretty much just enjoyed the area's bountiful beauty. Its funny how while we lived there, we took it for granted. Now we are just like all the other tourists and are a little blown away by it all! We now realize just how lucky we are to have access to the "last of the greatest" as Grandaddy says!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


We have long suspected a food allergy in our little man..... peanuts have always seemed to be a no-go. So, on the advice of our new Pediatrician, we took Jaydan in for allergy testing. Turns out peanuts are the biggie, but he also exhibited reactions to cashews and eggs (?). When we first starte eating solids, he reacted to eggs twice, but has never had trouble since, but Doc says no. This was one of those visits that makes you go home and cry as a Mom..... is this because of something I did wrong while I was pregnant or nursing? Or, is it just my crazy allergic genes surfacing in a new way? I suppose its always difficult to get a diagnosis that there isn't a treatment for.....we just have to keep him as far away from nuts as possible and carry and Epi-pen just in case.

All things considered, Jaydan handled all of the pokes better than Mama did..... after about the third round, he arched his back and said "OUCH", but that was about it. It was a looooonnnngg appointment but they gave him some bubbles and he was able to figure out how to do it himself, which was exciting for us both!