Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas 2009

Our Christmas this year, was a lot different than what any of us are used to. It was spent just the three of us and it was very quiet and laid back and a little lazy! Nana and Pop are in the process of moving to Tallahassee and where Jeff worked both Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas, there wasn't an opportunity for us to travel. We did all of the usual stuff, left treats out for Santa and all of that.... except when we woke up we just stayed in our jammies and took our time opening presents. We ate breakfast when we got hungry and my very first attempt at a Christmas dinner was eaten when it got ready! It was very strange and yet strangely wonderful! Jaydan had all day to play w/ all of his loot (it was ample) and we watched A Christmas Story on T.V. While I think its safe to say that we would ALL prefer to be with our familiies during the holidays, its nice to know that when circumstances are such that we have to do it just us, we won't hate it (and dinner wasn't bad, either)!