Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Most Magical Place on Earth!

The Little Family braved the odds and set out on a trip to Disney World! It was with some trepidation.... our kids are pretty little, spring break means its crowded and its EXPENSIVE, but we decided to go for it and we are sooooo glad we did.

We got to the park at around 8:30 on Saturday morning and got right in. The first couple of rides we had almost no line for. We started off with "Gumbo, the Flying Elephant", which was one of Jaydan's favorites. We rode lots of rides and he liked them all..... except for Peter Pan. He cried, and tried to escape and then got off of it and said "I HATED that wide" (ha ha). Kennedy rode rides too, and she seemed to love the excitement too!

We took a break at about one and went back to the hotel for lunch and a nap. It did us all good and I absolutely believe it kept our kids from melting down. We hit the park again at dinner time.... we had reservations for a character dinner, which given the fact that Jaydan had been TERRIFIED of them earlier in the day, I was convinced was going to be a huge waste of money. At first he was timid and the next thing we know he's elbowing his way through the crowd to Piglet! He said he "just decided to be brave". So we ended up getting some great pics!

We saw some of the electric parade but by that time everyone was starting to get tired so we decided to do the Tea Cups and then head for the gates. The Tea Cups was MY favorite and Jaydan and I had so much fun spinning and spinning.... he loved it! And then he stepped off and bit it, because he was too dizzy to walk! Like every good Mama, I rolled laughing!! Right as we were passing Cinderella's castle on the way out, they started the fireworks so we got to see the whole show as we walked out, but then got right on the Ferry and beat the crowds on the Mass Exodus after than. It was a long, exhausting, completely wonderful day, full of memories for all of us! An extra special guardian angel helped make our trip possible and we are so grateful that we were able to enjoy such a magical day with our babies!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

So Big

Kennedy has been grabbing at the spoon now for a week or so when being fed. I often give her an "empty" spoon to play with and continue to feed her. Ms. Heather (the wonder sitter) decided to let her actually try to feed herself (and emailed the pics to me at work!)!

Clearly not a "neat" procedure but it looks like she had some success! And Ms. Heather, I'm glad that went down at your house, instead of mine!