Monday, August 15, 2011

Jaydan Goes to School

We had a late night the night before school started..... there was no "early to bed" for the Little house. See, the kids and I were sitting in the Salt Lake City airport, waiting for a delayed flight when Jaydan should have been getting ready for bed. I was torn on sending him that first day, but he insisted he wanted to go.

There were a few morning tears (him, not me I'm proud to report). The worst part, apparently was trying to get a few good pictures! This next picture breaks my heart, because his nerves are so obvious. He never was able to verbalize that he was nervous but obviously, he was. It's painful, as a parent to see your kid be nervous!

He hesitated for just a moment, when we went into his classroom. There were kids there already and it was busy.... and loud. But we sat down with a puzzle and before long, he was ready for Mama to go...... and told me so! So I steeled my own nerve and walked back to the car..... as Jaydan took his very own big step. Hard to believe how fast my baby boy is growing up!