Friday, September 21, 2012

Miss Thang


     Kennedy has been busy this fall too!  She's finally starting to really talk a lot....using real words!  She is 95% sweet and 5% sass.... if she doesn't like something, she will definitely let you  know.  She's got very strong opinions on things and does not like it when things don't look or act like she thinks they should....... weird, right?  I have no idea where she gets that!  She getting to be very funny and enjoys making people laugh.  She absolutely HAS to do whatever Jaydan is doing..... for better or worse!

     She is definitely a little more tentative than Jaydan was.  She tends to be a little slower to warm up and is still kind of a Mama's girl (I don't mind).  She's very much a girly-girl.... twice I have put her to bed at night in jammies and gone back to check on her later to find her sound asleep in various states of dress, complete with hat, sunglasses, purse and shoes!  I'm not sure where she thinks she's going, but she's going in style for sure!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Missing teeth and broken bones

     As if the first day of Kindergarten wasn't enough to do this poor Mama in, Jaydan came home on the third day and reported his first loose tooth!!  Slow down, kid.... give me a moment to adjust, will you?  He is not blessed with an abundance of patience so after a few days he asked me to pull it.... and was very brave while I did!!  He lost his first tooth on my birthday, to help me remember the date!

     A couple of weeks after that, he was sent home with a note that he'd fallen off of the monkey bars at school, but did not seem to be badly hurt.  Its true, he told me about it, but didn't seem to be very much worse for the wear.  We even went to soccer practice.... and he scored 2 goals!!  But as practice wore on, I noticed that he began to favor his right arm quite a bit.  A couple of times he came to me complaining that it hurt and by the time  practice was over he was crying.... by the time we got home he was vomiting, so I knew we had a real issue.  I put in a call to his Dr. who felt sure it was dislocated.  She game me instructions on how to "reduce" it myself..... and in fairness, I tried hard.  He was in so much pain and it was so hard for his Mama to put him through that.  Eventually we decided to let him sleep on it and take him in to her office in the morning if it wasn't better.  It wasn't.  She also tried to put it back in and ultimately decided that he was just still in too much  pain for there not to be another issue and sent us for x-rays.  Sure enough, there was a break!  Ugh, more Mom guilt!!  Once they set his arm, he felt 100% better and had a cool blue cast to show for it.  He was SUPER tough and we put him through a lot of pain!

     In  total honesty, I'm actually a little surprised that we made it to the ripe ole age of  5 before we needed a cast.  He's what we call in the South, "wide open" and its amazing his injuries up until now haven't really warranted medical intervention.  I'm glad it wasn't more serious than it was and I guess all I can do is brace myself  for the next time!  Boys will be boys, after all!