Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jaydan Chase is FOUR!

Jaydan, at FOUR (I can hardly believe it), you are:

*FUNNY!! You are also very sweet and still have a little naughty streak! You keep Daddy and I laughing and its hard to be in a bad mood around you.... unless, of course, you are the one CAUSING the bad mood;)

* SOOOO, so sweet and protective of your baby sis! You are her favorite person and you can't get enough of her either! And woe be unto the boy or girl that might accidentally hurt her!

* Super smart...... you know all of your letters and the sounds that most of them make. You are working on learning to write your name and you seem to have a pretty amazing memory. You are LOVING the learning apps that we've put on the Ipad for you and are learning so much every day!

* STILL sucking those fingers. You say that you are going to quit or only do it at night, but that only lasts until something doesn't go right and we frequently find you "sneaking a finger fix".

*You are busy, busy.... and love to play ANYTHING outside and with your trains and race cars inside. You also like to play most sports and you LOVE to read w/ your Mama!

*An advocate for the little guy.... you get into lots of scrapes at daycare for defending smaller kids when a bigger kid is doing something you don't like. I get reports of you rushing to love on the smaller kids too, when they are hurt or sad!

* Getting sooooo big! You tell your Mama not to worry, you won't grow up too fast.... BUT YOU ARE! You tell us frequently that you love us "better'n anybody" and sing little made up songs about loving your family or each of us individually. Soooo sweet!

We love you soooo much, Buddy and are so proud of the BIG Boy you are growing into!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kennedy's First Words

So far we've got "Mama", "Dada", "Bubba", "Biiiiihhhhh bye" (spoken like a southern belle) and her favorite.... "Uh oh".
Its good that she's talking quite a bit, because she still is not crawling and still doesn't have teeth. She scoots around and around or backwards to get where she wants to go and frankly, just doesn't seem overly ambitious to go any further than that.
Jaydan swears she says things like "I love my big brother" and "its ok for Jaydan to take my toy", when no one else is around, but we don't have any proof of that happening ;).