Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jaydan is SIX!!

Oh my..... I cannot believe my tiny little baby boy is six years old!!!  That scrawny little critter who struggled to breathe and eat as a preemie is now riding a bike and reading and going to school...... sigh.
Jaydan at six you are:

*  Still INCREDIBLY funny.  We just never know what you're going to say or do because of that we are always just a tiny bit nervous ;)  But most of the time whatever it is, ends up being pretty comical!
P.S.  Your teacher MAY have had to ask you not to dance at school at time or two :/

*  Super smart (just like we've always known).  You KILLED Kindergarten and are reading and writing well above your grade level.  You were given "Skill Master" awards all four quarters, which is like Honor Roll for Kindergarten.  My proudest moment of the whole year though was when your sweet teacher told me at conferences, "Jaydan is such a good boy, he's often the one I point out for the other kids to emulate".  THAT meant even more to me than how smart you are!!

*  All boy!!  You go 100 miles an hour and Dad and I feel like we're constantly saying "Jaydan get down.  Jaydan don't run.  J don't stand on the couch.  J put on your helmet.  Jaydan SIT DOWN".  There is never a dull moment with you around.

*  Some of your favorite things to do right now are to play video games, swim (this one is huge), play basketball in the driveway and play legos. 

*  Still love your family fiercely.  You tease your poor Sissy to death, but would fight anyone else who did so and are so sweet and loving to Dad and I. 

*  Still sucking those fingers..... sigh.

Happy, Happy Birthday sweet boy.  We couldn't be any more proud of the big boy you are becoming!  It's hard to be sad to leave that tiny baby behind when such an amazing young man is taking his place a little at a time!  We love you to the moon and back!!