Sunday, April 24, 2011


So much FUN to dress the kiddos up for Easter. We went to Church, hunted Easter Eggs (or at least the few that the neighbor's dog didn't beat us to) and were otherwise lazy! Jaydan DID get to participate in the Resurrection Egg event at our church. They called all of the kids up and he raised his hand and was called on to stand up in front of everyone and announce what was in "his egg" ("A Cwoss", in case any of you were wondering). Its so strange that he's at an age where he's doing things totally independent of either parent. I was very proud of him.... and a little sad that he's getting so big and brave that he doesn't need his Mama so much anymore!

But enough about that..... I have so many cute Easter photos for you to enjoy!

And this is how you know its time to be done w/ the picture taking ;)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Granny and Miss Effy

One big event that happened over the winter was a much anticipated visit from Granny and "Miss Effy", a.k.a. Debbi Duffy. My Dad and Mike Duffy have been bff's since they were eight years old and essentially, the entire Duffy Family is like just an extended version of our own family. Mom and Deb..... best friends. Their daughter Sunny and I..... there really aren't words to describe our relationship. Kind of like sisters, but better. As long as I can remember, the Duffy's have been around, to help celebrate the good times and to scrape us up and put us back together when things aren't so great. SO, we were excited, to say the least.

It was just a quick trip, one long weekend BUT it happened to be Granny's birthday. With such a short trip, we didn't want to plan any HUGE adventure..... to capitalize on the Granny/Grand baby snuggle time, I guess. But we did do the flea market and I tried to expose Deb to "southern culture" as much as I could in three days. Aunt Deb gave Jaydan a real run for his money..... taught him a fun new song (that I can remember her teaching ME when I was about his age). She also knows that if you say "smart fart.... took the elevator" to a three year old boy, you will be the funniest, coolest person EVER! It was a wonderful visit and we enjoyed them so much. And girls, be thinking about when you can come back!