Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Fun 2010

I had been trying to hold off on the Pumpkin Patch until Jeff could go with us. On Sunday, it finally dawned on me that if were going to go this year it was "now or never". So I loaded up the kids and off we went!

Washington farms has done a lot of work since last year, adding lots of fun activities for kiddos, which is good since Jaydan had little or no interest in the "ghostes" (goats) or any other animals this year. The did put in new fun slides (it will be a few years before we try the big one again), a big air pillow jumper thing, a kiddie corn maze, etc. J really wanted to try the corn maze, but he kept trying to eat the corn right off the stalks and I was afraid the hour-long, full-size one may prove too much for both of us.

It was a fun day with my babies.... they are growing so fast! Jaydan is officially a little boy now and its hard to see the baby he once was anymore when you look at him. Kennedy is our little sunshine.... very smiley and chatty, she makes everyone around smile!

And here it is..... the pic that shows me plainly how much they grown from year to year. This shot always makes my heart ache, just a little!