Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kennedy is TWO!

Seems like yesterday we were all waiting..... and waiting...... and waiting for your arrival!  Time has flown bye and you're already a big toddler!  At two you are:

-  Pretty sweet..... you will just randomly walk up to us and give a sweet little kiss on the leg or hand, or whatever.  When we tell you how much we love you, you simply say "too".

-  Getting a little sassier with each passing day!  You get your little finger going and will really give it to whoever is on your list at the moment.  We can't always understand you, but your intent is always pretty clear!

-  Quite a little character..... you have quite a repertoire of facial expressions and aren't afraid to use them!  You've been rolling your eyes since you were about a year and a half!

-  Still pretty laid back.  At two, you are testing your boundaries, for sure..... but your feelings get hurt pretty easily so discipline is pretty straightforward with you.  You go to time out, cry and then often will come find me, hug my legs and say, "Sorry, Mommy" before I even come back to talk to you!

-  You love your "babies".... you won't get out of bed in the morning with out your Pig and/ or Pillow Pet (preferably both).  You get really irritated sometimes that you don't have a THIRD hand for your sippy cup or whatever else you think needs to be toted along!

 -  Your "Bubba" is still your favorite..... he bugs you some, but when he's not around you ask about him almost constantly.  You have to always know where he is and what he's up to!  You are so used to him calling you "Sissy" that you call yourself "Shishy"!

-  Still pretty tiny!  You weigh just about 22 lbs right now..... What you lack in size you make up for in spirit!!

-  Such a blessing to our family!  You are the prefect little counter-balance for our family and we love you soooooo much~  Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dancing Queen


I'm not even sure its necessary to SAY anything with this one..........