Monday, April 19, 2010

WARNING: The Following Post contains shamless bragging....

Ok, I get that every parent thinks their kid is smart so you all will have to bear with me for a minute while I brag on Jaydan. Let me start by saying he will be three at the end of May. At this point, he can count to 10 by himself and knows his alphabet by sight at LEAST up to "T" and know the sounds that about 1/2 of the letters make. He knows that Jaydan starts with "J", Mama starts with "M", Daddy and Dog Dog start with "D" and Horse starts w/ "H". He can tell you that Granny and Grandpa live in "I-ho" and Nana and Pop live in "Fyowida". And he's two! I actually think that this is where we run into trouble sometimes w/ his behavior! Next up.... we continue to wage war on diapers and then.....dressing himself!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Jaydan's Night Away

Jaydan's Nana and Pop came for a visit from Tallahassee this weekend and asked if he could spend Friday night in their hotel w/ them. He was so excited to go and told his Daddy and me, more than once, that we "can't come". He helped pack his bag w/ some favorite books and a bedtime buddy and off he set. We met them for dinner Friday night and they took off from there.... so bittersweet to have your sweet baby wave you off w/out a second thought!! On the one hand I'm sooooo grateful that he's independent enough that its not a problem for HIM, on the other..... could you act like you like us a little, kid? They stayed at a hotel on the Georgia campus and had all kinds of fun. The Georgia Spring Game was on Saturday and they went to that, or the first half anyway. They said he about jumped out of his skin when the audience erupted after the national anthem, but from the on he kind of knew the routine and would clap and cheer when the crowd did! We all met back up on Saturday, where we retrieved our tired but happy Little Man. I think EVERYONE had a great time and it was a nice break for me. Thank you, Nana and Poppers for a fun weekend!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Easter at the Little House was pretty quiet. It was spent just the three of us and actually it was more like 2 1/2 because Jeff ended up coming down with a stomach bug. Jaydan got up early and hunted Easter Eggs (not an area in which he's particularly skilled, it turns out) and check out the loot the Easter Bunny brought. He looked so handsome for church that this post will mostly be pics from that..... too cute!You can kind of see Miss Kennedy in the pic of Jaydan and I.... we took a bunch that morning, but somehow I ended up looking H-U-G-E so you don't get to see those!