Monday, August 18, 2014

School Days

 This was a big year for back to school at the Little House.  J is starting 2nd Grade and Miss Kenndy is starting PreK.  Both are starting new schools.  We were all nervous.  I am a planning lunatic and I felt very ill informed going in, but some how we eventually got it all together!

Jaydan's teacher is Mrs. Spivey.  We hear she's wonderful.  He's starting at West Jackson Primary, which we have heard nothing but WONDERFUL things about, but the change in scenery meant Little Man was very nervous.  He'd made some good buddies in our neighborhood over the summer, but none of them were in his class.  He actually cried a bit when it was time to leave and I DIED.  I didn't anticipate that, so it took me by surprise and crushed my heart.  I finally just had to walk out and I was reassured by email that he was fine shortly after.

Kennedy started summer camp at her new school in June.  It went.... alright.  She's resistant to change and slow to warm up so there were lots of tears during drop offs this summer.  So I didn't know what to expect.  Her teachers are Ms. Jessica and Ms. Mallory and I'm thrilled to announce that she LOVES it!  I'm not sure if its the new teachers or being with slightly older kids or what but its a night and day difference!  She was clearly a little nervous, but she did NOT cry and waved me off like she'd been doing school every day for her whole life!

Man, these kids throw you a curve now and then, do they not?  They pretty much behaved exactly the opposite of how I'd expected!  I'm very proud of them both and know they will both have a great year!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kennedy is FOUR!!

     I can hardly believe that my little baby girl is 4 years old!  Where has the time gone?  You have rolled with the punches through all of this transition and I know change is not easy for you!  You're a trooper!

At FOUR you are:

1)  SUPER sassy..... good Lord, we will have our hands full with this one as a teenager!

2)  So cute..... I mean I know I'm your Mommy, but seriously.  You have those gorgeous curls and huge grey eyes and that dimple..... sigh.

3)  You have a sweet side too.  You are still my snuggler and when you sleep with us you will ofter just say in the middle of the night "Mommy, I love you".

4)  Precocious.  You suddenly are sounding very grown (and attitudy) and have been known to tell us that this child or that at daycare is "a problem" or was "starting some nonsense".  Sometimes you get ahead of yourself and don't make a lot of sense, but often you hit the context on the head and its a bit scary.

5)  Getting braver... you are determined to go to Granny's with Bubba this year w/out me.  I have some concerns about it but you insist that you're ready.

6)  Reluctant..... you like things to be predictable.  You like the familiar and don't love change.  You hated Disney, don't like anything that is loud or bright (fireworks are a no go), shy and a bit tentative.  You're working on getting bolder though and I hope you'll continue to challenge yourself to try new things.

     You are our sunshine.... your sweet smile could brighten any day!  Its hard to let my baby grow up but its so much fun to see who you are becoming!  Love you the whole wide world, sweet girl!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jaydan is 7!

     Oh, son..... where do I even start?  We've had a lot of changes in the last months so things have been kind of wild!  You have always wanted to have a party at our house but our old house was just too small.  So, this year, we had a party for you and Sissy together at the new house.  It was fun!  We invited your best buddies over and you all played horseshoes, golf and basketball in the yard.  You said it was your best birthday ever!
You are growing so, so fast!!  I feel like I just blinked and you're this big, rational thinking kid... not a baby anymore at all!!

At 7 you are:

1)  So fun... you still like to entertain with your wit, dancing and here lately singing (very animatedly).  Something tells me that throughout your life you will be the life of the party!
2)  Kind.  You make me so proud when you willingly give up something you want or share something you have for a friend or your little sister.  You have a HUGE heart and that is my very favorite thing about you.
3)  Busy.  Our house is a constant stream of running feet, thrown and bouncing balls, crashing cars, etc.  You have a basketball hoop on your bedroom door and I hear you up there CONSTANTLY shooting lay up after lay up or "dunking".  Also, interesting, you love basketball on your ipad and have learned tons of players and stats..... I think you may have your Daddy's memory for sports data!
4)  Smart.  You use your smarts for both good and evil ;)
5)  NOT sucking fingers (finally).  At your 7 year check up the dentist, was like "Dude, you gotta stop".  You had pretty much stopped except for at bedtime once you got into school but we'd tried nasty nail paint, bribes, threats the whole nine.  Finally you were smart enough to come up with the idea of wearing a glove to bed.  It feels weird enough that if you do it when you're sound asleep and don't know you're doing it.... you stop!  I told you you were smart!!
6)  My pride and joy.  Not every day is easy.... but everyday my heart is full because of you and your Sissy.  I could not be any prouder of you and I would not change one single thing about my big seven year old!