Monday, December 21, 2009


Oh, what fun it is..... preparing for the Holidays with a two year old in the house! This is our third Christmas w/ Jaydan in our lives, and while the first two were fun...... mostly for Jeff and I, Jaydan is having a ball this year.
As per usual, we decorated our tree the weekend of Thanksgiving...... I had the "trunk" up and the very top section installed before Jaydan proclaimed it "boomiful". It just much easier to justify all the work it takes to make the house "boomiful" when there is someone around who appreciates it!!! Santa was a no-go last year...... Jaydan would shriek and hide and bawl if he so much as SAW him..... this year, he's pretty much down, as long as he gets a candy cane out of it, he calls him "Kissmiss" and thinks pretty much EVERY old man is "Kissmiss". I still don't know that he REALLY gets it..... they wrote letters to Santa at daycare and apparently all my child wants is candy and fruit snacks. He has enjoyed it all this year, the lights, Santa, the treats and even the corny Christmas specials on TV. He's a big "helper" and has to be right in the middle of anything going on but its fun anyway.
As for our upcoming new addition, things are going well. We had a check up last week and everything seems to be going great! I feel markedly better, this go round and with the exception of exhaustion, am enjoying the experience. Jaydan is excited.... he talks to my tummy and kisses his "sistah" and thinks every small baby he sees is "her". We'll see how excited he is when new baby comes home to stay!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Tiny Baby" Little

So here is our new addition..... note how "it" stood clear up at one point during the ultrasound as if to say "WHAT?". A little frightening for a Mama who is hoping for a very laid back baby this go-round!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Big News at the Little House

Baby #2 will be joining our family around the end of June! Having some rough days, but over all I feel better, more than I did w/ Jaydan. Hopefully that is a good sign! Jeff is convinced that he only produces boys (you know, based on the ONE boy that he has) and Jaydan is sure its a "Sista". Any takers out there?


Oh, Halloween was fun around our house this year! Jaydan's mind was blown that merely saying "Trick or Treat" inspired people all around him to give him handfuls of candy! My boss and her husband live in a fantastic neighborhood in midtown Atlanta and she had been telling us for years that we need to bring our kids for Halloween. Well they decided to host a little party for the staff w/ young kids..... and they were right! Their neighborhood is just like a movie..... first of all its gorgoeus ..... all beautiuful homes built up high with stone steps. And then they "DO" them some Halloween.... they shut down the streets for several blocks and EVERYONE has their home decorated. They have police patrolling and if you can get them to pull over, they have candy in their saddle bags for the kids. So. Much. Fun. After the kids got their fill of Trick or Treating, they grilled hot dogs. Our neighborhood is Lame-O, so it was great to go somewhere that people were really into it. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Barnes for having us and I hope you meant it when you said we were welcome to come every year. Ahem ;)