Monday, November 29, 2010


loves, loves, LOVES this baby.
Weird how young they start these gender things huh?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Jeff was finally able to secure a long weekend, so we packed up and headed south for a trip to visit his Grandparents in Florida. It was our first vacation as a family of four and we were looking forward to it. The ocean is so calming for me and Jeff enjoys fishing and we all enjoy visiting with family so its a great little get away for us.
Cape San Blas is a little beach near where MawMaw and Grandaddy live that is probably our favorite place on the planet. Jeff took me there the very first time I visited him in Florida and we spent many weekends there when we lived in Florida, so it is definitely part of "us".

It is so beautiful.... and totally exposed to the Gulf, so depending on the weather, it often has changed TOTALLY from the last time we were there so its almost like visiting a whole new beach But best of all, there is NEVER anyone else there. Its our own private little piece of heaven.

Grandaddy joined us for fishing this time, and I am so glad to have captured some of that special time "on film". Jeff and his Grandaddy are very close and I think fishing was always kind of a bonding ritual for them.... it filled my heart with joy to see Jaydan brought into that circle. He's growing into such a little man.

Zoe got to go too... don't tell the beach police. She LOVES it there too and her and Jaydan passed several hours running up and down the beach, rolling in the sand.

Kennedy was content to snooze in the sand, until she got hungry then she cried and pitched a fit... exactly like her Mama ;) It was just about 80 degrees and the water was smooth... absolutely perfect for a day at the beach!

We got wrapped up in the Florida vs. Georgia football game and missed "Ghosts on the Gulf" trick-or-treating in Port St. Joe. Fortunately Jaydan was happy to get in his costume and hit a gas station up for some candy :)
Our trip was not all fun and games.... we had a little scare with Jeff's diabetes and spent one day in the hospital. All is well that ends well and I will say that thanks to the staff, even a day at the hospital there is relatively pleasant. We were all spoiled by Jeff's grandparents and the time that our kids gets to spend with them is precious. All in all, it was a great trip and a great little escape for our Little family!