Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Fun Part of Our Trip

Despite our trip getting off to a shaky start, we managed to have a good time. Ty and Priscilla and the girls were able to stay all week so we got a lot more time with them than we would have otherwise. Because of the outpouring of love from family and friends, we were able to see a lot of people we wouldn't have and even in those circumstances its good to catch up with old friends!
We did Christmas as we were able and that worked out pretty well... the kids weren't overwhelmed and enjoyed playing with their things as they came across them. Jaydan had talked for months about building a snowman with Grampa, so despite the fact that the snow was kind of "yucky" the kids, Grampa and "Munca Ty" managed to put one together. One snowy night we built a bon fire and even poor Granny was able to venture outside for a few minutes to enjoy a roasted marshmallow and some winter fun! The kids played well together and enjoyed some good, MOSTLY quality time and we enjoyed getting to know "Laila Bug", the newest member of the family and the sweetest baby EVER! Jaydan was soooo good with her, that I have hope for when our baby gets here! He and his "Munca Ty" developed a pretty special relationship over the course of the week and even though some times "Munca Ty" gets a little carried away, as far as Jaydan is concerned, its clear that they adore each other! We all were grateful to still have each other and I think "family" probably means a little more to us all these days!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And then our lives were changed.....

The day after Christmas, Jaydan and I boarded a plane to head to Idaho for a week. Our flights went smoothly, Jaydan was a trooper and up until we arrived in Spokane I felt like the day had been a sucess. My first clue that something wasn't right was when we rounded the corner in the Spokane airport and no one was there to greet us. That was alarming, because normally the excitement of seeing Jaydan puts my parents to the airport PLENTY early. I turned on my phone, thinking maybe they had ran into construction or something that was making them late..... 14 missed calls! And and this point I know that whatever news is coming isn't going to be good. I've always called our dear friend Debbi Duffy my "other mother" and this was reiterated when my first phone call was to her, and she was given the unhappy job of telling my that my parents had been in an accident on their way to pick us up. Luckily, by the time I called she was with them and knew first hand that they were going to be ok. Mom's wrist was badly broken and she had a couple of broken ribs.... Dad had bumped his head, which is always scary when there is a plate in there, but had checked out ok.

We are so thankful that their injuries weren't more severe. The young lady that hit them passed away and her little boy was airlifted to Spokane, so its easy to see how much worse things could have been. That a fatality was involved has been tremendously difficult for all of us, mostly Mom and Dad, but I think that we are all overcome with gratitude that they are still with us. Their injuries, both physical and emotional will heal with time. I know that I speak for all of us when I say that life will never be totally the same. With each sentence.... action....thought the knowledge is in the back of my mind that life is so precious and can so quickly just be gone, or drastically changed. Each day that God gives us is a gift and I've made a concious effort to live my life accordingly since that day!

One more gift that has risen from the ashes of all of this, is that we have all been reminded how blessed we are by our friends and family. It has been over a month since the accident and Mom and Dad are still getting deliveries from the local flower shop weekly and I don't think they've cooked a meal since!! During the few stress-filled days that Mom was in the hospital there were lots of jokes made about how far friends and family would go to show thier love. I won't get into that (thats just how we work people).... let's just say its FAR!!! We will never be able to adequately express our gratitude....we can only hope that you know how much we love and appreciate you!!!