Thursday, July 29, 2010

Granny's Visit

So, we all got in a panic that Miss Kennedy was going to come early and Granny made arrangements to change her ticket and come early. Once she got here, Kennedy decided she was fine where she was and so we waited..... and waited.... and waited. It was not wasted time though, I was pretty miserable by the time she got here and she had Jaydan all to herself for about three weeks and the two of them had fun, fun, fun. And I guess the ultimate goal was accomplished in that she got to see Kennedy be born.

I will NEVER be able to communicate how much I appreciate all of Mom's help over the 7 weeks she was here and there aren't words for the joy I get from seeing her play and bond with my babies. The only bad part was that she had to go home!

We snuck in some fun during her visit, including a day trip to Helen while Grampa was here and then a couple of fun-filled days in Florida with Jeff's family. Granny and Jaydan did swimming lessons and were partners in crime for probably more than I know about. I can't believe how fast that time went and look forward to the next visit! We love you Granny and THANK YOU so much, for all you do!