Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

     Jaydan's first day of Kindergarten was looked forward to with equal parts of excitement and dread.  He was so excited to embark on this adventure and I just can't believe that my tiny baby is going to be roaming around that big school all by himself!

     Jeff took him to open house and we were thrilled with the teacher he got and even more thrilled to learn that there were a couple of kids in his class that he already knew, including his bff Dylan.  Not one of the kids from his prek are going to this school, so it was a relief to learn that he didn't have to start ALL over.

     The big morning finally arrived and we were both nervous.... he said "I'm newvous.... I don't know those people".  But he was brave.  We got all ready and set off.  He did seem every bit as tiny as I was afraid he would walking through those doors!

     Again, it was pandemonium!   They had breakfast ready for the kids, but with all of the dropping off, etc. it was kind of wild.  I sat with J, while he ate and colored and then, I turned to leave and......  burst into tears!  Which made him burst into tears!  WHAT????  I didn't really see that coming, but it really breaks your heart to realize that the tiny baby you brought home from the hospital and stayed up all night just watching them breathe..... and watched learn to eat, and crawl and finally walk and talk.... is suddenly, in the blink of an eye..... in school!?!  Crazy!!  We got ourselves together fairly quickly.... and then it was time to go.  Another huge milestone.... first day of kindergarten?  Check!