Friday, June 19, 2009

Welcome Baby Monkey!

Welcome Laila Lavon Smith to the family! This is her in the dress that I wore home from the hospital 30+ years ago! Her's cute, huh? Looks like her Auntie, I think ;)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Idaho Vacation

I am the worst blogger EVER! I'm telling you, I don't know what they did to me in Idaho this last time, but I can't get my head screwed back on straight since!
Jaydan and I had a wonderful time visiting our family and friends, as usual. My cousin Shell (a/k/a Nack "snack" to Jaydan) was home too, so we got to spend lots of QT with her and my Mom's parents who are "snowbirds" and had just "flown North" for the summer. Jaydan had not one but TWO birthday parties..... one with each side of my family, so he spent some time getting to know his "Grandma Soup" and Papa Smith, too. He got spoiled, as always but it was fun to see him sort of "get it" this year. Tyson, Priscilla and Jaz came for a few days and again, it was fun to watch the babies play. "Baby Monkey", as she has come to be lovingly known by the whole family will be here very soon and we are looking forward to another addition to the family. I got to golf w/ my Mom and Rashell which was a blast..... they really are not THAT much better than me and a few beers into it, that hardly even mattered. These pics are ones I've pirated from family member, I haven't even had time to download mine yet! Its so weird! I guess its to be expected between having a two-year-old, a new job and a serious case of jet-lag, but seriously I am ready to be myself again!
We hope to see Mom, at least this summer sometime. It seems like it gets harder and harder to say goodbye each time, so we'll need to start planning that next trip very soon!
NOTE: Check out Jaydan's shoes that are present in TOO many of these pictures. They originally belonged to our dear friend Sunny and were passed down to me, and then have spent about 25 years in storage! My son was OBSESSED with them..... even wearing them OVER his footie pajamas. He was convinced they made him run fast and somehow he WAS able to run w/out breaking his neck.... but oh boy, were they dorky!