Monday, May 28, 2012

Jaydan is FIVE!

How is my tiny baby boy FIVE years old?  Jaydan, at five you are:

*  So, so funny!  You never cease to amaze us with your wit, spazticity, facial expressions and word misuse!  Friends and family from across the whole country wait anxiously for the next "Jaydan-ism".

*  Very smart.... you knocked preschool out of the park.  You are reading already and made a lot of good friends!  You were such a good boy, all of the other Moms and your Teachers (Miss Jessica and Miss Nikki) raved about what a sweet boy you are.  I think there was only one week all year that you didn't get to pick a treasure from the treasure box!

*  Some of my favorite things that you say incorrectly are "beesaster, beediculous, beesgusting (see a pattern?) tach-ed (attached)"  You are smart enough to use big words in context, but you don't always get the pronunciation 100% right.  BUT, its so cute, I can't bring myself to correct you!

*  Getting soooo big,  you want a "piddy back ride" to bed every night and you're almost too big for me to carry!

*  Still very empathetic..... if you see someone sad, you are sad.  You are still very protective of your Sissy, though you HAVE started to antagonize her some too!  No one else had better though.... including Daddy and I.  Sissy got swatted last week and you yelled "HEY, YOU KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF"!

*  A great helper.  You're a sweet boy and like to help Mom and Dad out however  you can!

*  Just absolutely delightful!  I can't believe that you're five years old and will be a big ole kindergartener in a few short months!  Mama wants to slow down the hands of time, but with each passing year I am prouder still of who you are becoming!  We love you, Jaydan Chase!