Saturday, May 2, 2009

First Dentist Visit!

Monday, April 27, was a "holiday" here in the South, known as Confederate Memorial Day (I think it may only be a "holiday" to Georgia State Employees, in fact). Trust me, no one is more shocked and horrified by that than me....... BUT it is a paid day of.....and virtually EVERYONE else is working so its a good time to do things like Dr's appointments, bank errands, etc. I scheduled a dental appointment for Jaydan a few months back, because he's a finger-sucker and he's got some staining on his front teeth and well, they say you should. I have to say, I've been dreading it......the melt-down potential is through the roof and given the fact that brushing his teeth is like WWF smackdown every single day I didn't have a lot of hope that things would go smoothly. Those of you who know me well, know that I'm a big subsciber to the "when in doubt, look in a book" school-of-thought so my fist plan of attack was to check out every single kids book on going to the dentist I could find and you know what? IT WORKED! Jaydan was a champ! When we first got there the receptionist was like "you know we usually don't start actually cleaning their teeth until they are at least three because they just won't usually tolerate it much before then". He not only let them clean his teeth and count them, check for cavities and look closer with the mirror, but he did most of it with a smile on his face! He introduced himself to the dentist and was such a good boy!
Naturally, as a reward I took him to McDonalds to play. Apparently he can handle a stranger's hand in his mouth better than he can handle being told that No, he may not take his juice box down the slide. He pitched his first ever public tantrum and had to be carried to the car (where he got spanked) kicking and screaming. Apparently his good behavior was taxed completely at that point!