Monday, October 8, 2012

Family Vacation - Fall 2012


      Jeff was able to coordinate some vacation time with Jaydan's Fall Break, so we packed our bags and headed to Florida. 
     Jeff's cousin and her family ended up coming that weekend, too..... they have two boys (11 months apart!!) and a newborn baby girl!  The boys all played so well together and we really enjoyed spending time with their parents and baby Victoria, too.

Of course, we always like to spend as much time with MawMaw and Grandaddy as we can. Jeff's sister, April and our nephew DJ joined us for part of the time .... it was a great get-together!

      We played so hard!  Our whole family loves the beach and we spent pretty much all day, every day at one of our favorite little spots.  It's been Jeff and my favorite since before we were married and its fun now to share it with our kids. 

      Due to weather and changing tides, etc. it looks different every single time we go out there, but its fairly private and easy to get to.  The boys (big and small) fish, we play in the sand and if I'm lucky I get a little reading in, too!  Even Zoe (the family dog) loves it!

      Jeff and I even got to sneak away for a date night with April and Little cousins Addie, Laura and Aaron.  Fun was had by all..... even if my husband did embarass me a little with his fancy dancing ;)  Its good to get some time with other grown ups too!!  Especially other grown ups that are as fun and fabulous as this group is!!

I could only stay for a three day weekend, but Jeff and the kids got the whole week.  We don't get a whole lot of time, with all four of us together due to our crazy work schedules but we so enjoy these little get-aways and the time we get together!  There is something so calming about the ocean, I really feel like it recharges my batteries but the highlight of the trip is when several dolphins swam by, playing about 30 yards or so from where I was swimming.  Ok, THAT part wasn't soooo relaxing until I was sure they were dolphins but it was truly breathtaking!  So grateful to have this quality time and these memories with my family!