Thursday, June 30, 2011


Here are those two teeth I was telling you about......

Can't see em? How about now???

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kennedy is ONE!

Its hard to believe our sweet baby girl is a whole year old already! Kennedy, at one you are:

* So sweet. You are generous with your hugs and kisses and LOVE to snuggle! If your brother puts his head down by you, you wrap your little arms around his head and slob him up w/ a BIG kiss!

* Such a joy.... your smiles come fast and easy and you light up the whole room. You love to flirt and if you catch someone's eye, you tilt your head waaaaayyyy to one side and just unleash the biggest grin.

* A happy baby. Just recently, you have started to show a little more "spice" and will stiffen up and scream during diaper changes, etc. But it blows over quickly and you get right back to being your sweet self. You have been very easy going and a lot less demanding than Big Brother was at this age ;)

* Have two teeth... finally! You started crawling on June 1, just in time for your birthday.... and just took off like you'd been doing it all of your life!

We are so blessed to have you complete our family! We love you soooo much and have enjoyed watching your personality develop and look foward to seeing even more of who you become!

Oh, this is a funny little side-story. You HATE feet...... look at the look on your face when mine get too close! Funny girl!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Jaydan's big birthday weekend kicked off on Friday night with the arrival of Nana and Pop from Florida. They came up early and got a hotel with a pool...... heaven for a FOUR year old boy! We had early dinner and then the kids and I did some swimming.

Kennedy LOVED the water.... spent most of her time floating on her back w/ her feet straight up in the air. She discovered pretty quickly that it is VERY funny to slap the surface of the water to make a big splash.... not QUITE so funny when the splash gets YOU in the face!

Jaydan was quite the little fish, too. He hadn't been around a pool since last summer's swim lessons with Granny, so I was curious to see where he was with it. He picked up right where he left off! He floated on his back, laid on his tummy on my hands and kicked his feet and loved jumping off the side to me..... he even went clear under a couple of times! AND he got a very big "squit gun" that he had a lot of fun playing with, too!

The party was Saturday. Jaydan hung out with Nana and Pop, while Kennedy and I headed home early to finish a few last minute things. We started out at the park at our Church for cake and presents. Its just dawning on me as I write this that he was the only little boy there!!! He didn't seem to mind! Ms. Heather, Libby and Jennifer came and Lola, Anabel and Lydia....friends from daycare.

After we did cake and presents there and then anyone who wanted to, moved on to Jungle Jumpers. That ended up just being us and the Anderson ladies..... and it was so much fun! I think the grown ups had as much fun as the kiddos did and even Kennedy got in on the action!

What great fun to celebrate a fourth birthday!