Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Oh my, its been a long time since I've updated..... I fear that this may not bode well for once there are TWO kiddos at the Little House! Our lives are crazy and busy, but happy.... just not much time for blogging these days!
Jaydan is of course, growing like a weed. He has quite the little personality and we vacillate wildly between thinking he's the funniest thing ever and being absolutely horrified by some of what he says and does! For the most part, he is super sweet and seems to be VERY smart.... we are going to have to stay on our toes to keep ahead of him! We are in the throws of potty-training... some days I think we're close and some days I feel like we're barely past go. He's been known to inform me that he's "clapped in his pants" (I told you he can be horrifying) but shows very little interest in performing that particular function on the potty. I KNOW he's smart enough for this, so its a little frustrating that he refuses to do it.
Friday night was the Flashlight Eater Egg hunt at the church. He had a lot of fun with that.... he scored lots of eggs and they had inflatable jumpers for the kids. That was all fun and games until the big kids took over and got really rowdy. He screamed for everyone to "STOP THAT, YOU GUYS" and when that didn't get the desired result, he sat down and cried. Its better than swinging on everyone in there though, so that is progress!!
Obviously, a big event looming overhead is the upcoming arrival of Miss Kennedy. We are working hard to get ready for that and Jaydan has been a big helper so far. He's even gone through his toys and books and picked out some stuff he would like to share with "his Ken-dee". Hopefully that trend continues. Over this past weekend we did have an issue of him getting very upset when I would tell him she was kicking.....he would point his little finger at my belly and say "you stop that". I tried to explain that it doesn't hurt me and that she isn't doing it on purpose, but I don't know how much he's buying it! I'm happy to report that I feel great at this point and with the exception of some third trimester narcolepsy, don't have too many complaints! Granny has booked her ticket to come mid-June and we are praying that little missy cooperates so that Granny can be here for her birth!