Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quick Trip to Boise

Jaydan and I were truly Jet-Setters this past weekend, flying to Boise on Friday and back on Sunday. My beautiful God-Daughter, Amya was baptized on Saturday and I was blessed to be able to attend. I hadn't seen her in about 4 years..... she has grown into such a lovely young lady and I am very proud of her!
Of course, Granny and Grandpa couldn't resist the opportuntity to spend some time with J while we were in the "neighborhood" so they drove down and kept him busy on Saturday while I was busy with baptism stuff. My sister-in-law Priscilla and darling neice, Jazmyn also ventured down to spend some time with us. Jaz and Jaydan are only 6 months apart and they have a very special relationship and it gets more and more fun to watch them together as they grow! Jazzy is very nurturing and protective.......which is good since she is about to become a Big Sis, but Jaydan gives the poor little thing a run for her money! Granny and Grandpa took the babies to the zoo and all of those fun things and fun was had by all.
We stayed at my oldest and dearest friend Sunny's house in Boise, but sadly she and her new hubby Darrin were out of town! Their house is wonderfully cozy and welcoming and it was very easy to make ourselves at home...... the only thing missing was them! We were also able to catch up with our old friends the Wilsons (Cindy and Zack, anyway) for dinner on Friday and my Aunt Sherie and Uncle Aaron and cousin Angela on Saturday. It was wonderful to see everyone and as always, the trip went way too fast! We are in recovery mode this week...... it takes a lot out of you to travel that far with an almost-two-year old for just a few days, but wonderful memories were made and it was well worth the jet-lag!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Gavin!

Jaydan and I took a trip to Montgomery this weekend to celebrate Gavin's birthday. Those of you who are regular followers may remember me telling you that my best friend Jill and her family were moving to Japan last fall. Well, shortly after their arrival, the got the news that her hubby Matt was being sent to Iraq...... did I mention that just BEFORE they left, she discovered that she's expecting baby #2. Babies and Iraq seem to go hand-in-hand for them..... Matt was there for most of her first pregnancy too! So, long story short, she decided that she would come home, rather than trying to manage having a new baby and juggling a two year old in a foreign country..... by herself. So, they are back! We had a wonderful time, and the boys played great, just like they'd never been apart.
Please keep their little family in your prayers. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to go throught any of these things, one at a time.....but all at once...... thats a lot. I'm so glad that she decided to come home so that her friends and family can better support her, but I know its got to be really tough. Happy Birthday, G-Unit, we love you and it was so good to see you and get to play with you!