Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall is in the Air!

I want to start by saying that I have no idea how the summer got by us so fast!!! We've been super busy and it seems like we've just turned around and here we are closing in on the Holiday's again.
Our biggest event in August was a 10 day visit from Granny! Jaydan was able to anticipate it this time, so that was fun. We all acquired webcams and have been enjoying chatting via Skype, so when we picked her up at the airport he ran to meet her with hugs and flowers and no reservations! God bless technology! I was able to get a few days off, which we packed full of visits to the Children's Museum of Atlanta, Helen, GA and the winery and pottery shops and lots of shopping. If you have a children's museum in your area, I HIGHLY recommend it..... for two hours Jaydan was able to do pretty much whatever he wanted without once hearing the word "NO"! I'm pretty sure it was his idea of heaven (and maybe mine too). The rest of the time, Granny was in charge while Daddy and I worked...... who knows what kind of mischief the two of them got into with no supervision! I essentially held Mom hostage until my birthday had passed, so we had an extra special celebration before she had to return home to get ready for school. We enjoyed having her so much as as per usual, lots of tears were shed when the time came to say goodbye (OK, so it usually is just me and her). It always helps to have the plans for the next trip on the books, so I've already booked flights for Jaydan and I to come home just after Christmas..... maybe we'll see some of you then?!?
Pictures of our summer adventures to follow soon!!